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Who came to the reunion? 46 Pupils came to the reunion on the 6th May with friends and partners and there were 78 people there on the night. Pupils who attended are shown below with a * beside their name.

There were also 5 teachers there.

Miss Cook (now Walsh) Mrs Dearden Mrs  Carrahar Mrs Slater Mr Peacock


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Below is a list of all pupils who would have left Whitburn Comprehensive School in the summer of 1986. Is your name there?

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Pupils [131 names so far]

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A  [Back to Alphabet]
Keith Allen
Peter Allen
Neil Anderson (Anders)
Elaine Arkley
Carolyn Ayre

B  [Back to Alphabet]
Lynne Bastholme *
Susan Bell

Mark Black
William Bowles
Alan Brennan
David Brook

Gillian Brown
Martin Brown
Julian Butler

C  [Back to Alphabet]
Mark Chadwick
Mark Campbell
Graeme Carlin
Julie Charlton
Pamela Charlton
Christine Chilton
Craig Chisholm
Paul Clark
Helen Connor
Graham Coulson
Scott Cunningham
Richard Currer
Michael Curry
Paul Curry
Kevin Cuthbert (Cuthy)

D  [Back to Alphabet]
Idris Davies *
Simon Dodsworth
Susan Donaldson

E  [Back to Alphabet]
Lee Elstob
Barbara Elsey
Stephen Ellithorn

F  [Back to Alphabet]
Nigel Fairbairn
Lee Farrow

Graeme Fenwick
Kathleen Fenwick
Joanne Ford
Graeme Fox

G  [Back to Alphabet]
Craig Gailer (Bacon)
Lynn Gargett
Colin Gibbons (Gibba)
Lynn Gorman
Richard Greenhalgh
Kim Grundy
Alan Gudgeon (Fishy)

H  [Back to Alphabet]
Joanne Hall *
Maureen Hall
Elaine Halliday
Lisa Hamilton
Paul Harrison (Harra)
Joanne Haslam
Anthony Hawes
Caroline Henderson
John Henderson
Simon Hendry
Helen Hills (Hillsy)
David Hogg
Luke Hoggarth
Andrew Hubbard (Andy / Hubbs)
Christopher Hughes

J  [Back to Alphabet]
Collin Jenson

K  [Back to Alphabet]
Claire Kane
Melanie Kane
Mark Kidd

L  [Back to Alphabet]
David Lightfoot *
Julie Lightfoot (Lighty)

M  [Back to Alphabet]
Stuart Mair
Eric Mason
Nicola Mc Dougall
Claire McCaffery
Peter McGrowther
Stephen McCarthy (Stee)
Annette McKie
Rory McKay
Nicola McMurtrie
Helen Mellish
Graham Melvin
Lynne Middlewood
Michael Moody
Lisa Motais
Tony Mountain
Sara Murray

N  [Back to Alphabet]
Steven Nicolaides (Nicky)
Susan Nixon (Janey)
James Newbrook
Anthony Nunn
Peter Nunn
Wendy Nunn

O  [Back to Alphabet]
Derek Ord (Des)

P  [Back to Alphabet]
Claire Pattison
Mandi Pattison
David Peacock (Taffy)

Christopher Pearce
Wayne Pearce
Gavin Portman
Melanie Pounder
Ian Prince
Helen Pude

R  [Back to Alphabet]
Stuart Ramsey *
Dale Rice
Andrea Richardson
Anneliese Rigby
Darren Robertshaw
Sharon Robson

S  [Back to Alphabet]
Dominic Santos
Shaunette Scott
Paul Scrimgour (Scrum)
Jason Sheriff
Joanne Short
Karina Simpson
Susan Smith (Sue)
Jonathan Stevenson (Johnny)
Nicola Surtees

T  [Back to Alphabet]
Pamela Tiffin
Lorraine Thompson
David Turner
Sharon Turner

V  [Back to Alphabet]
Claire Vassallo
Keith Ventress

W  [Back to Alphabet]
Maria Wallace
Peter Warburton
Alan Watson
Andrew Watson
Barbara Weightman (Barbie)
Debbie Weightman
Paul Wilkinson
Ian Willis
Claire Wilson


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